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This function doesn't really do much besides create a new edibble design object.


  .title = NULL,
  .name = "edibble",
  .record = TRUE,
  .seed = NULL,
  .provenance = Provenance$new()

  .name = NULL,
  .record = TRUE,
  .seed = NULL,
  .provenance = Provenance$new()



Optional title of the experiment.


A series of name-value pairs where the name corresponds to the name of the metadata nad the value corresponds to the actual metadata value. If the name is omitted, then no name to the metadata is assigned for the corresponding value.


Optional name of the experiment.


A logical value. This indicates whether to record this code step. The default is TRUE. It should remain TRUE unless this function is used as a wrapper in other code.


A seed number for reproducibility.


An environment setup in a manner to store methods and information to trace the origin of the design


An edibble table.


An empty edbl_design object.

See also

Add variables to this design with set_units(), set_trts(), and set_rcrds().

Other user-facing functions: allot_trts(), allot_units(), expect_rcrds(), export_design(), serve_table(), set_rcrds(), set_trts(), set_units()


design("My design")
#> My design