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This function doesn't really do much besides create a new edibble design object.


design(name = NULL, .record = TRUE, seed = NULL, kitchen = Kitchen)



Optional name used as title for printing the design.


A logical value. This indicates whether to record this code step. The default is TRUE. It should remain TRUE unless this function is used as a wrapper in other code.


An environment setup in a manner to manipulate, extract and query information on the design.


An empty edbl_design object.

See also

Add variables to this design with set_units(), set_trts(), and set_rcrds().

Other user-facing functions: allot_trts(), design-context, expect_rcrds(), export_design(), serve_table(), set_rcrds(), set_trts(), set_units()


start_design("My design")
#> Warning: `start_design` is deprecated. Please use `design` instead.
#> My design