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These are structured information that can be encoded in into the design object. By encoding this information, you can make it interoperable. If you use export_design(), the information is exported to the title sheet of the excel output.


set_attrs(.edibble = design(), ...)



An edibble table or design.


A series of name-value pairs where the name corresponds to the name of the metadata nad the value corresponds to the actual metadata value. If the name is omitted, then no name to the metadata is assigned for the corresponding value.


des <- set_attrs(design(aim = "Testing for new flu vaccine.",
                        contact = "emi.tanaka (at)",
                       "Funded by Better Experiments Institute.") )

#> $aim
#> [1] "Testing for new flu vaccine."
#> $contact
#> [1] "emi.tanaka (at)"